SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Filly – “Hung Like a Donkey”

With Martin Garrix “Animal” and Ylvis “What Does the Fox Say,” there is obviously an animal trend on the rise. Since these things always happen in threes, UK pop tart Filly (the girl behind “Drip Drop” a few years back) might just have a big viral hit with this ode to well-endowed men. A slight digression here to say that this kind of topic matter is better handled in a woman’s voice and comes off a lot more funny, rather than the desperate-sounding (and borderline racist) like the “Black From the Waist Down” by Albert Kick and Jason Rene track which has been floating around for a few months. Back to “Donkey,” Filly is having fun in her tarty tone rapping and singing about well, you know. It’s kinda obvious the remixes were meant to be satires of three current dance music trends – big room hard electro, stadium house, and retro two-step. Yes, they are cheesy takes of Showtek, Zedd, and the like- but with a novelty record it fits perfectly. The video complete with twerking and animal shots should be going viral about any minute now.

Image Courtesy of 141A Presents.


It’s really easy to make fun of dance music. The French brand of Spitting Image puppets have made superstar David Guetta a common target, but the Norwegians seem to be having the most fun, with the Kollektivet2 slaughtering Swedish House Mafia as Scandinavian Techno Dance Society and the brothers Ylvis making the dubstep musical ‘Someone Like Me.’ ?This past week, another recent bit by Ylvis has become as viral as “Gangnam Style” – a children’s song called “The Fox.” It’s clearly satire, mocking the inane lyrics and the standard production sounds and effects heard in just about every dance-pop record (do we see a Ke$ha or collab in the near future…). ?There’s even one bit which seems inspired by the insipid Crazy Frog from 2005.?? For a bit of mindless fun, check out “The Fox” and don’t be surprised if kindergarten kids start dancing to it for their holiday recitals.

Image Courtesy of Ylvis.

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY):?Scandinavian Techno Dance Society – “Hit Song”?

Leave it to the Norwegians for the perfect spoof of stadium house and EDM.? Similar in tone to the dubstep musical “Someone Like Me” by Ylvis, the crew of Kollektivet2 slash apart every big room cliche – modulation, featured vocalists, braindead chants, dance steps – all over a big room stadium house track that sounds like it could “save the world” from the end of pop.? All that’s missing is the unavoidable breakup and the yearlong farewell tour.? In case you can’t read between the lines and see the humor of the paint-by-number nature of current EDM, please take a listen to DJs From Mars “Phat Ass Drop” for step-by-step instructions on making your own club track.

Image Courtesy of KollektiveTV2.