SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Elena ft Glance – Mamma Mia (He’s Italiano)

When I first heard about this summery europop song buzzing overseas, I thought, please not an ABBA or Mayra Veronica cover. Luckily, it is neither, but an original song by Romanian pop singer Elena Gheorghe – best known for her Eurovision entry “The Balkan Girls” and the hit singles “Disco Romancing” and “Midnight Sun.” For Mamma Mia, she moves away from the traditional Romanian pop sound and incorporates an Italian flavor both in the music and blatantly stereotypical lyrics. Hey if Inna can morph into a Latin singer, why can’t Elena become Italian? All this is said in good fun as the song is light, airy, and so catchy that you can’t help but sing along. For club consumption, the Bodybangers have toughened up the beats while keeping the pop vibe intact. For some reason, this sounds like a song that you hear on cruise ships with a dance routine, ? la “Macarena” or “Saturday Night.” I thought for sure I would find a clip on YouTube with the official choreography but the colorful and playful video works just as well.

Image Courtesy of Robbins Entertainment.

SONG OF THE DAY: Senit – “Follow Me”

Oh wow, it has finally happened, a full-on vocalist doing a pop song with dub step production. This might be your first introduction to Senit, who comes from the African country of Eritrea and has achieved much success in Italy (touring with musical casts, representing San Marino in Eurovision, tv hosting.) For her US debut EP, she delves into europop with “One Stop Shop” and electro with “AOK,” but the real magic comes with dub step styled “Follow Me.” With her mature almost-Broadway calibre voice, the well-written song comes alive and transcends the dance floor to become a perfect theme for a summer romantic blockbuster movie. Heck, this would work for even a Disney film. When I first watched the intro video, I thought to myself, is Carla Hall (Top Chef/The Chew) moonlighting as a singer? Not just looks but the quirky personality is something that the two share. It will be interesting to see if Senit is the artist that is able to help dub step cross over further to the mainstream.