SONG OF THE DAY: Ray Roc – “Disco Life” EP

Sometimes you need to zag when everyone is zigging.? As most of the EDM world is either on a ’90s kick or banging out aggressive electro, Ray Roc goes back to his Latino roots by blending classic disco, groovy house, and a bit of Spanish flair for the truly fresh-sounding “Disco Life” EP.? The two tracks have that long-lost Hed Kandi vibe that just makes you want to dance with a sexy groove, funky bassline, and without any of those long dropouts that kill the energy.? “Disco Life” is straight-up disco house with a bit of a cut-up vibe and Spanish lyrics that make you feel like you are dancing poolside out on a tropical island.? The B-side “Shine On” is a bit more pumping, with a Crazibiza/Sharp Boys bouncy house groove and a touch of electro, while keeping the disco feel firmly in place. It’s more of a primetime record that will build energy towards the peak of the night.?? The EP includes both tracks and remixes and will definitely put a smile on any house music lover’s face.

Image Courtesy of Gramma Records.