Song of the Day: Doctor P ft Ce’cile – “Galaxies and Stars”

Blondie’s “Rapture” was the first song with a rap to top the pop chart, so it’s definitely a fitting track to rework for modern dance floors. Stepping up to the plate is dubstep producer (and founder of Circus records with Flux pavilion) Doctor P, who keeps the melody of “Rapture” intact but changes the lyrics as a deceptively mellow introduction to “Galaxies and Stars.” A quick toast by Stush is the only warning before the screaming male voice and ascending beats slams into aggressive party-ready dubstep. The interplay of the two parts – “Rapture” inspired melody and the party beats make the track stand out above the massive amount of dubstep out there. Also quite special is the animated video which is a visual mashup of ‘Cool World,’ Keith Haring, ‘Fritz the Cat,’ and Ren & Stimpy animation styles. Yes, it sounds wrong but when you watch it, you will realize just how right it is.

Image Courtesy of Big Beat/Circus.

SONG OF THE DAY: Sky Ferreira – “Red Lips”

Taking a page from Shirley Manson is never a bad thing, and singing something written by her is certainly a significant experience. ?”Red Lips” is Ferreira’s nod towards moving her music from electropop into more of a “Blondie” type direction, although she still sounds pretty electropop to me. ?And the video is a defining moment as well, the incredibly thin Sky rubbing some seriously red lipstick all over her face while a tarantula takes the measurements of her body. ?The imagery is stark and alarming, serving as a message that this pop starlet isn’t going to be what you think she’ll be. ?Hang on because her upcoming debut album, currently titled I’m Not Alright, just might make a pretty big splash.

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