Notable Dance Podcast #052

Rui Da Silva ft Wesley Steed – The Sunrise (Extended Mix)
AndHim – Boy Boy Boy (Original Mix)
Whypatch ft Andriah Arrindell – See You Dance Dance (Hoxton Whores Remix)
Korean & Vini – Feel The Wife Vibe (Korean & Funky Flo Mix)
Westfunk – Embers (Club Mix)
Adventure Club ft The Kite String Tangle – Wonder (AndDrop Remix)
Deorro – Five Hours (Original Mix)
Gareth Emery ft Krewella – Lights & Thunder (Club Mix)
LA Riots & Polina – Kamikaze (Original)
Chromeo – Jealous (Jump Smokers Extended Club Remix)
Tom Swoon, Lush & Simon – Ahead Of Us (Original Mix)
Benny Benassi & Shinichi Osawa – Dope 427 (Original)
Pegboard Nerds – Bassline Kickin (Astronaut Remix)

SONG OF THE DAY: Crookers – “#Heavy”

Probably best know for his international smash remix of Kid Cudi “Day and Night,” Francesco ?Phra? Barbaglia, a/k/a Crookers, is obviously still in the holiday spirit – as he is giving away downloads of his new single “#Heavy.” The track starts kind of normal, with a bouncy house groove, until a foreboding space/horror movie tone comes in gradually over the beat. Electro and industrial bits begin to appear with skips and stutters. A male voice saying the title #Heavy is repeated by an effected kid voice – as if a call and response – leading to a dramatic rise up to the literal climax (and it’s definitely female). There is a sense of humor and playful perversion here that is seen often in records by other Italian DJs (Benny Benassi/DJs from Mars), though the best comparison is probably the literal “drop” in the recent Cash Cash/Kerli song “Here and Now.” One note to DJs, the ending comes kind of suddenly after the foreboding tone picks up a second time. Aside from the cliched # hashtag in the title, “#Heavy” is a rather strong track, and it’s surprising that it is being given away free as it is one that would probably do quite well on Beatport.

Image Courtesy of Ciao records.

Crookers – “#Heavy”

SONG OF THE DAY: Benny Benassi – “Back to the Pump”

Benny Benassi is one of those wonderful DJs who is always fun to watch and dance to – if for the simple reason that every time you look up at him, he is smiling and having as much as you are.? Ten years ago, he released the classic “Satisfaction” and continues to release tracks that alternate between massive, aggressive electro workouts (“House Music,” “Who’s Your Daddy”) and prettier, progressive vocal songs (“Beautiful People,” “Dance the Pain Away”). “Back to the Pump” is one of the former, a straight-for-the-jugular energetic monster that you can’t help but to jump up and down to.? While there are lighter passages that could be extended to become a pretty, progressive track, the main focus is prime time banging electro beats.? The only question is if whether the “Pump” in the title is a reference to “fist-pumping” or to his label’s remix name “Pump-Kin.”

Image Courtesy of Ultra.