SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Cash Cash ft Kerli – “Here and Now”

Kerli songs seem to surface in pairs.? A few months ago, remixes of “Can’t Control the Kids” arrived the same week as her gorgeous “Something About You” track with Tydi.? This past week I wrote up her new song with Tydi, “Stardust,” and not ten minutes after posting someone messaged me to check out her track with Cash Cash, “Here And Now.”? Perfect for Sunday Funday, the song just couldn’t be any more uplifting and fun if it tried.? The Cash Cash sound, a blend of progressive and electro with a cool commercial edge, recently heard on Krewella’s “Live for the Night” and their single “Take Me Home” with Bebe Rexha, is even happier and more euphoric.? The drop-out is literally a drop (of water). Kerli sings about living in the moment and embracing the present, something that is easy to lose with everything that is going on in the world. With the right promotion, this could easily be the big radio dance-pop hit that crossed Cash Cash and Kerli over to mainstream audiences around the world.? For now, DJs should consider this as their first record of 2014 to play after the countdown and Auld Lang Syne.? Everyone else should check out the Cash Cash ‘Overtime’ EP where this joyous collaboration is available.

Image Courtesy of Big Beat.

Cash Cash ft Kerli – “Here and Now”