SONGS OF THE DAY: Rui Da Silva – Sunrise and New Lover

Portuguese producer Rui Da Silva is best known for two international anthems – “So Get Up” by The Underground Sound of Lisbon (recently covered by Cosmic Gate) and “Touch Me’ (with singer Cassandra Fox). Starting off as a producer, he’s always had a distinct musical element to his track and even though they vary in genre and style, his touch is always present. His two recent releases “Sunrise” and “New Lover” showcase this perfectly. Seemingly aimed for commercial clubs and crossover, “Sunrise” is a song about coming together and finding unity through warmth. Sung by Wesley Steed, it has a bit of a classic Pet Shop Boys feel both in the vocal and track production. It could easily fit in the stadium genre, yet there is a warmth and a truth to the emotion which makes it transcend expectations. On the deeper end of spectrum is “New Lover,” a much more sparse and raw synth-pop-based track with vocals by Penny F. There is a bit of the retro ’90s feel there, but it isn’t a direct replay – whereas a lot of NuHouse stuff sounds like records that were played in the clubs twenty years ago – “New Lover” has elements similar to tracks like Mars Plastic “Find the Way” or Jaydee “Plastic Dreams,” but rendered in a much more modern deep house context. Although different styles, if you listen to “Sunrise” and “New Lover” back-to-back you can hear the warmth of Rui’s production. DJs who like their tracks on the really deep/broken beat side should check out the Missing Beats remixes of both songs, which keep the vibe of the original while taking them on a much more experimental journey.

Rui Da Silva – Sunrise and New Lover