SONG OF THE DAY: Benny Benassi – “House Music”

Sometimes the most obvious things slip by me. I have been slamming “House Music” by Benny Benassi for months as a DJ but as a reviewer I have forgotten to write it up. To say that this is an energetic record is like calling Lady Gaga noticable in a crowd. Its staccato intro doesn’t even being to prepare you for what is about to come. A few pads and the spoken voice increase its intensity until a dropout comes and the screachy loop becomes center stage. At this point, when the beat comes back in is when the music literally forces you to jump up and down and scream. Very few records inspire such an intense reaction on first play. Three months later, this track still has people screaming everytime it’s played. “House Music” is quite reminiscent of Benny’s biggest hit “Satisfaction” in that it is a head-scratching WTF moment. With its relentless energy and masterful simplicity, the misnamed “House Music” is easily one of the biggest club tracks of 2011.

Image Courtesy of Ultra.

Image Courtesy of Ultra Music.