SONGS OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): 2 Unlimited and Bodybangers ft Victoria Kern & Godfrey Egbon – No Limit

This write up is surprisingly hard to compose. Then again, when I wrote up Steve Aoki’s mix of “Get Ready For This,” it took me three attempts – here, here, and here. Here’s the thing – 2 Unlimited was a landmark techno/europop duo created by two Belgian studio producers who brought in a rapper and singer to provide vocals for their track (maybe this is where the whole producer ft. topline vocalist got its start). 2 Unlimited were a commercial dance pop act that crossed over to every country of the world with their fun and energetic songs that were universally loved for being perfect at sports arenas and gyms as well as for dancing at a club. They were never seen as credible or underground as they were pop (like the Vengaboys a few years later), so as their songs are remixed for the current audience their DNA needs to be taken into account. Steve Aoki remixing “Get Ready For This” was a brilliant choice, as he is a dynamic and energetic personality who is all about throwing a big party (and popping champagne bottles and throwing sheet cakes while crowd surfing in an inflatable yacht). Joachim Garraud is a brilliant producer and arguably responsible for the majority of David Guetta’s success, but choosing him to remix “No Limit” is not quite right. It’s not a bad mix, it just doesn’t feel right coming from the guy who did that awesome Toolroom compilation who is a brilliant electronic producer along the lines of, say, Jean-Michel Jarre. Though if the artwork for his “Mothership Alarm” and “Everybody (with Perry Farrell)” singles are any indication, maybe he is trying to rebrand himself with the jovial cartoon vibe (a la Young Punx or Mr Aoki). When choosing a mix to play, I reached for the Zatox and Big Dawg remixes until I found in a search a recent cover version by the Bodybangers. Following up their cover of Technotronic’s “Pump Up the Jam,” the German duo added Godfrey Egbon (for the rap) to the mix with their vocalist Victoria Kern and created a modern electro mix which sounds just like the original, but modernized. You could easily play the Bodybangers cover and no one would realize that it wasn’t Ray & Anita singing. Since it’s Sunday Funday, here are some ideas. 2 Unlimited has a big greatest hits album on the way and there are bound to be more remixes, so why don’t they enlist producers who fit the party vibe – like the Smoker teams (Jump and Chain), Deorro, Crazibiza, Cube Guys, Fedde Le Grand, Bimbo Jones, Wideboys, and Tradelove. For the Bodybangers, keep doing what you are doing and have fun. While you are on a ’90s roll right now, think about exploring Lords of Acid, AB Logic, and for the gays- Tatjana.

Images Courtesy of Byte and Scream and Shout.

Notable Dance Podcast #024

Empire of the Sun – DNA (Alex Metric)
Tensnake ft Fiora – See Right Through
Bondax – Giving It All (Friend Within)
Devoluton – Admire
Cold Blank – Louder than Bombs (Chrizz Luvly)
HIIO & John Dish – Rock & Roll (Original)
John Dahlback – Amedei
Foxes – Youth (Danny Howard)
Chase & Status ft Moko – Count on Me (Original)
2 Unlimited – Get Ready (Steve Aoki)
Dehasse – Carnival De San Rafael
Sean & Bobo – CS (original)
Henrik B, Niklas Gustavsson, Peter Johansson – Echoes
Gabriel & Dresden ft Neil Ormandy – Tomorrow Comes
Ghost Beach – Miracle (Nathan C)
Stonebridge and Caroline Damore – Live Life

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY – TAKE 3):? 2 Unlimited – Get Ready For This (Steve Aoki Remix)

Every part of ’90s music is coming back, and it seems like the appropriate artist is choosing an appropriate sound.? The big electro guys are incorporating old school rave, the cool hipsters are bringing back underground house, and the pop rappers and singers are reworking europop classics.? With that in mind, it makes sense that the king of big room party DJs, Steve Aoki, would take on the massive sports arena anthem “Get Ready For This.”? Even if you don’t know the title of the song, as soon as the hook comes in – you’re hyped and there’s energy in the room.? Steve Aoki keeps the hooks in place and modernizes the sound from ’90s techno to ’10s electro.? Whereas there have been many 2 Unlimited remixes over the years, the remixers often made the mistaken assumption that increasing the tempo of a record adds the energy.? With THAT classic hook and a bit of electro and glitch, Steve Aoki has put his signature on a true techno classic.? Close your eyes and you can imaging him crowdsurfing in? an inflatable raft while popping champagne as he is playing this record, with the crowd going nuts.? This easily ranks up there along with the Vengaboys “Hot Hot Hot” as one of the biggest mainstream party records of the summer.]

Image Courtesy of Byte.