SONG OF THE DAY: Polina – Fade to Love

A reader of the blog asked me why I never wrote up the song “Fade to Love,” since I am such of fan of Polina- having written up her collaborations with L.A. Riots (Kamikaze) and Mobin Master vs Tate Strauss (Dreams). The simple answer is that I didn’t know about it. Produced by Alex Gaudino, “Fade to Love” is a modern synth-pop track where Polina channels a Teri Nunn vibe with her dual personality vocal (stronger, almost spoken verse, with a pretty sung chorus). The vocal production is exceptional as the bridge features a male vocal mirroring hers- though it could possibly be her voice lowered an octave. On first listen, the chorus “Fade to Love” sounded so familiar that I thought this song was a cover. After a frantic Google search trying to source the lyrics, my good friend Jason pointed out that I was confusing it with Bryan Ferry’s “Slave to Love.” For club use, Russian duo Zeskullz toughen it up with a bit of electro, while Betablock3r smooths it out with a summery pop feel. The video will inspire you to get your car headlights rewired so you can have a disco lightshow backdrop, though hopefully you won’t be moved to destroy the vehicle afterwards. Kudos to Polina for her debut solo single as the sole artist (and not featured or versus). If this is what she sounds like on her own, here’s hoping that an album is in the works as well…

Image courtesy of Happy Music.