SONG OF THE DAY: Mobin Master vs Tate Strauss ft Polina – “Dreams”

EDM is truly international. Bubbling up from down under, the team of Mobin Master and Tate Strauss follow up their pumping electro track “KTBMF” with the beautiful vocal track “Dreams.” The soft and soothing intro draws you in as the track increases in layers as the mesmerizing vocals of Russian singer Polina Goudieva float on top. The loops build until they crescendo into full-on hands-in-the-air energy of the stadium-ready bridge. I regret using the term stadium, because “Dreams” is so far away from the cliche which the word calls to mind. If you listen closely, the flow of the rhythm is rather complex with the way it builds and drops so fluidly over the course of the track. DJs preferring a harder, more electro-based mix should go right to the aptly-named Festival mix. In the original mix, “Dreams” makes a perfect song to end a night with.

Image Courtesy of Safari Music.