SONG OF THE DAY: Kerli – “Can’t Control the Kids”

Throwing hearts… I first heard that term when the Nervo twins played Nashville and were describing the crowd response to their last festival set. If you watch live videos, you will definitely see it as well. It’s also the response that Kerli gets from the moon children, her fans around the world. “Can’t Control the Kids” is her song for them – because she, like almost everyone else, realizes that in this world of infinite technology, they can do whatever they dream – with no barriers or limits. Over a high-energy, glitchy electro beat, she sings about trouble and bad influences, but in the end it’s all about showing love. With the refrain “put your hearts up,” she expresses the full meme and on first listen you will realize that resistance is futile. If you haven’t yet purchased her ‘Utopia’ EP, here’s another great song that should convince you to do so.

Image Courtesy of Island/Def Jam.