SONG OF THE DAY: tyDi ft Kerli – “Something About You”

Well, not 10 minutes after I posted “Can’t Control the Kids” by Kerli as Song of the Day, I got a message from a friend asking if I had heard the new song she did with tyDI.? Since I loved “Glow in the Dark” so much, I clicked over immediately.? “Something About You” is a progressive house track with elements of stadium and a stronger-than-normal kick (with some cool reverse kick transitions). The track has a mysterious feeling to it, almost eerie, in the way that it is subtle yet sucks you in.? Maybe it’s an element of dark prettiness, sounding more like Kerli’s first album ‘Love is Dead’ rather than her more uplifting recent EP ‘Utopia.’? “Something About You” isn’t as instant as tyDi tracks like “Fire and Load” or “Nothing Really Matters,” but I have a feeling that it will grow with a few listens.

Image Courtesy of Universal.