SONG OF THE DAY: Tai & Kay – “The Thrill”

It’s all about the collaboration. We featured Tai’s work with fellow producer Bot “Nuthin But Fire” last week, when the experimental and minimalist lo-fi electro track caught our eyes and ears. Kay sang one of my biggest club play records of the summer, “Back Off, Bitch,” with Static Revenger (it became so big that I even started playing her track with Tiesto “Work Hard Play Hard” again). Somehow the pairing of an edgy experimental producer with the tough-talking/singing vocalist created “The Thrill,” a pretty amazing full vocal EDM song that feels like glossy pop yet has all the edge you would expect. If you listen closely to the track, there is a bit of that lo-fi 8-bit glitch, dirty noises, reverbed and echoed background vocals that add a unique flavor to the big electro hook (not dissimilar to “Boneless”) and catchy sing-along vocal hooks. In anyone else’s hands, this would probably would have become a one line track; “Can’t Live Without Your Love” dropped sparingly over the drop of an 8-minute progressive stadium track. “The Thrill” brings out the best of Tai and Kay and makes us hope that there is more collabs come. Based on the video, we definitely see Kay becoming a fashion it girl for the way she is able to transform her image with such ease.

Image Courtesy of Dim Mak.