SONGS OF THE DAY: Bot + Tai “Nuthin But Fire” and Punks Jump Up “Fairlight”

Which came first – the chicken or the egg? That might run through your head when you watch these two clips. Bot + Tai is the collaboration of Italian producer Andrea Fratangelo and British Tai Jason Patient, who have mixed 8-bit computer noises, electro beats, glitches, and an odd rhythmic structure to create a trippy club track that is equal parts WTF and Yar’s Revenge. The microbial slide turned hallucinogenic video game animated clip is so perfectly synced that it feels like the track was made as the soundtrack. British duo Punks Jump Up have probably the coolest description for their music – speed garage disco. Their remixes and production definitely merge the tempo of disco with the bassline and effects of speed garage. Obviously inspired by the legendary ‘computer musical instrument,” their new track “Fairlight” sounds a bit more like synth disco with a groovy tempo, big hooks, and a few vocoder samples along the way. The animated video is a digitized experimental ikat print in 3D, just as visual stimulating as “NBF,” but a bit less synced. While both tracks are unique and exceptional on their own, the visual experiences showcase a new level of creativity and add new dimensions to their artistry.

Punks Jump Up // Fairlight from Neal Coghlan on Vimeo.

Images Courtesy of Dim Mak and Punks Jump Up.