INTERVIEW: Dannic (ADE 2013)

Daan Romers, aka Dannic, started- like most DJs- making mashups before moving into original productions, and just as his mashups were played by all the big name DJs, his tracks quickly were as well.? From his contest-winning debut, remixing Funkerman?s ?Automatic,? to the solid string of club hits (?Doster,? ?Wop,? ?Pipeline,? ?Tombo?), his productions are highly regarded.? His partnership with Dyro yielded their first headlining party at the Amsterdam Dance Event 2013, which was a sold out success. With a packed release and tour schedule, you will definitely be hearing a lot more from Dannic.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: So how was your party last night?
Dannic: Really good and really hectic. I got surprised by Tiesto, Martin Garrix, W&W, and Hardwell all came to say hi. It was beyond what I expected.

RS: Was this your first time headlining a party by yourself with Dyro?
Dannic: Yes, it was my first time headlining at ADE with my own concept, Front Of House, and I was with Dyro who is one of my best friends.? It was really nice.

RS: How did it feel to make that step to headlining an ADE party?
Dannic: It is an ongoing process, and everyone is going in their own direction. We did a lot with Hardwell and he supported us a lot, and now it?s time for us to leave the mother?s nest and go out into the wild. It is a little bit nerveracking because it is just the start for us with headlining our own shows, and with Hardwell it?s always sold out shows or concerts. But it is going really well…

RS: Moving to your production, is it challenging to remix a big pop record like The Wanted versus doing your own production?
Dannic: Yes, I only do that kind of stuff to explore my own production styles and to see what I can do. For example, ?The Wanted? was a downtempo track and was very ?poppy,? and to be honest at first, I didn?t know exactly what to do, but the lyrics were really good. I rearranged some chords and it came out really well, I am really happy with it. It?s a totally different song now, almost EDM proof.

RS: What is the best advice that Hardwell has given you?
Dannic: Well, we met nine years ago and are still best friends.? Even before all of the big success and before Revealed, we talked about music and shared tips and tricks. It?s an ongoing process; he gives me advice and I give him advice. I?m a little bit older than he is, so it?s the best of both worlds, a back and forth process. What I have learned from him is that music is the most important thing. Everybody?s looking at marketing and social media but the most important thing is delivering the right tracks. ?That?s what I am working on right now, making original tracks.

RS: So what are you working on right now?
Dannic: A lot, actually, I?ve got like six or seven new tracks coming out that I?m not quite finished with yet.? I have a collaboration with Dyro as well and a collaboration with two Italian guys, Merk & Kremont. They just did a track with Paris & Simo called ?Tundra.? They are really nice and talented guys. For me it is really important to help those guys and it?s really cool to work with new talent.

RS: You do stuff with Toolroom and with Revealed. How do you decide what label gets your single?
Dannic: I think it?s really obvious that most of my tracks tend to be a little bit groovy or bouncy because that?s what my style is and that?s what I like. Sometimes a track is a little more fitting for Toolroom than it is for Revealed. Robert (Hardwell) hears all my tracks first and if he wants to sign them, then I go with him. For me, Toolroom was always the number one label back in the day and I was a really big fan of their groovy stuff. When they wanted to release ?Clobber,? the first track I did with Toolroom, I was like ?wow, are you serious??? Mark Knight called my manager to release that track and they asked me to mix the Toolroom compilation CD, and I got all of them from Fedde Le Grand and Umek and all those guys. It was a dream come true. It is cool to work with other labels as well and to explore my own sounds that are always a little groovier and Revealed is more of the progressive, hard-hitting stuff.

RS: ?Blueprint? sounds sick, forgive the pun. How did you collaborate with Sick Individuals? Were you in the room together or did you send stuff back and forth?
Dannic: I met those guys during ADE two years ago and I was always into their sound. We have a similar vibe, always groovy and danceable. I suggested that we meet up in the studio and we did, even before their collaboration with Axwell. This track is the perfect example of my sound and their sound coming together and making the perfect blend. I?m really happy with it; it?s one of the highlights in my set right now.

RS: Is there a vocal version coming?
Dannic: Yes.

RS: Do you have the person chosen?
Dannic: Not yet, it?s really difficult. I?m not sure if you heard the story about Zedd?s ?Clarity? but it was like the 41st vocal they chose, so it is really difficult to choose but I think that we are close.

RS: If people want to follow you, is Twitter or Facebook best?
Dannic: Twitter and Facebook.

RS: What do you want to say to all of your fans out there?
Dannic: First of all, thanks for all of the support so far. I think I have some of the most dedicated fans out there and I?m really thankful for that and I can?t wait to show you guys the new tracks that are coming out.

Interview conducted during Amsterdam Dance Event 2013. Special thanks to Urban Rebel PR for arranging this interview.