SONG OF THE DAY: Katia Nicole – “The Girl Can’t Help It”

After Alex Clare and the infamous Weetabix commercial, it was only a matter of time for dubstep to meet bubble gum pop.? Enter the scene, Miss Katia Nicole.? The adorable 15 year-old Miami-born lass made her debut at Winter Music Conference, performing “The Girl Can’t Help It” at Mova flanked by a troupe of five dancers. Not that she needed the backup as she sang the full lead vocal live and impressively well, especially since she was doing choreography the whole time.? Cowritten by Katia and coproduced by Akon, the song itself is darkly pretty yet age-appropriate at the same time.?? There is a slight freestyle feel to the vocal phrasing, which is not a surprise considering her admiration of Lil’ Suzy.? The production is by-the-numbers dubstep in the chorus, and while it may seem a bit Skrillex circa 2010, considering the target is the teen market, that is not necessarily a bad thing.? This song screams Radio Disney and is a great entry for preteens into the EDM world.???? The video is quite precious as well, though one word of caution to young Katia, be careful of the guy as you might be having a Hailey Rowe moment.

Image Courtesy of Parimore Music.