SONG OF THE DAY: Sophia May – “Anywhere With You”

Bristol-based singer Sophia May returns with “Anywhere With You” a strong follow-up to her string of vocal dance-pop hits – “I Can’t Help Myself,” “I Will Never Give You Up,” “Come Back,” and “Another Day.”? Since the package is all remixes (Johnny Mac, Dark Intensity, Carlos Mojica, 4Strings), it’s hard to gauge what the original sounds like, but I am guessing it started as a progressive pop dance song with the focus being the vocals.? Sophia is one of those rare singers that can nail both the pretty fragile trance girl and the huskier stronger sultry diva voice – often in the same song – and make it sound cohesive.?? The remixes by Johnny Mac, Dark Intensity, and Carlos Mojica are different takes on electro and progressive with hints of stadium in the mix.? The 4 Strings mix stands out for its retro-trance pop feel – recalling classic Ian Van Dahl or DJ Sammy records, but with modern electro touches. Like Sophie’s other records,? “Anywhere With You” will sound just as good in the clubs as it does on the radio.

Image Courtesy of Tazmania.