SONG OF THE DAY: Sirah – “Up and Down”

Personal confession- I am a fan of vocalists.? So this current trend of producers/DJs/artists giving “featured” credit to the singers on their tracks is quite nice, letting us find out who they are and track down their other work.? When I first heard “Bangarang” by Skrillex, the chopped-up lyrics from Sirah were just as hooky as the scratched-out party beats.? The name rang a bell so I dug up “Weekends,” another tracks from Skrillex which featured Sirah from 2010. Off her latest mix tape “CULT Too Young To Die,” Sirah leads with “Up and Down,” an aggressive dubstep track that features her edgy rapping about her roots and where she’s going, contrasted with her?emotional vocals in the chorus. This is one of those tracks where the soft, pretty opening bears no resemblance to the remainder of the track.? With the success of “Bangarang” on rock radio and Jay-Z’s support of Sirah’s mixtape, it will be interesting to see how her following of “cult kids” develops.? Now if someone could only tell me why dancers throw flour at each other (as evidenced in the video)…?

Image Courtesy of Atlantic.