SONG OF THE DAY: Gabrielle Aplin vs Rob Searle – “The Power of Love”

Absolutely gorgeous – that’s the only way to describe the original version of Gabrielle Aplin’s cover of this Frankie Goes to Hollywood classic. Originally released during the holidays of 1984, the third FGTH single was a massive chart topper. Angelic voiced singer/songwriter Gabrielle Aplin built an audience by posting videos on Youtube and caught the attention of Parlophone. Prior to the release of her first major label album, she was chosen to record the holiday song for department store John Lewis commercials. A top 5 single in its original piano-led acoustic version, the uplifting trance pop remix by Rob Searle takes it a whole new level. Reminiscent of old-school trance from the mid 90s with pretty synths and air-y pads in the intro, the mix builds with a big kick drum raise before the crescendo of electro beats lifts it to an epic fusion of stadium house and modern trance. The success of the mix comes as no surprise since Rob’s initial industry buzz came from a bootleg he did of “The Power of Love” back in 1999. This new remix is so strong (and such a perfect ending for a high energy club set) that I would imagine it could launch a second wave of success for him.

Image Courtesy of Parlophone/EMI.