SONG OF THE DAY: Menini & Viani ft Roz Brown – “It’s On Tonight (Ankamassa)”

Being a trainspotter (one who spots samples in club records) can be torture sometimes.? At the Amsterdam Dance Event this year, I kept hearing this funky house track which I thought sampled “77 Strings” by Chamonix.? It’s been driving me nuts.? Finally a month later, I get from Adaptor records the very classy Menini & Viana ft Roz Brown “It’s On Tonight (Ankamassa)” and my question is answered.? Rather than sampling 77 Strings, the sample is lifted from the original source – “I Gotta Keep Dancin” by Carrie Lucas.? The disco strings are effortlessly blended with big room tribal for one of those wonderful fusions that flows perfectly.? The original track “Ankamassa” was released back in March and has been buzzing since.? For this new rerelease, they enlisted the talents of diva extraordinaire Inaya Day to write the top line “It’s On Tonight” which is sung effortlessly by Roz Brown.? The structure of the verse reminds me of another 70s pop hit “I’ve Never Been to Me” but that might just be my trainspotter ears trying to overcompensate.?? Nevertheless, “It’s On Tonight” is a club stomper which melds disco house and modern tribal beautifully – especially in the prime time mix by Jack and Joy.? DJs, if you are not on this yet, buy it now.

Image Courtesy of Adaptor.