SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Radio Killer, Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels – “Clothes Off”

Imagine if Arty was doing a progressive track based on an interpolation of LaTour’s “Blue” and Kim Carnes “Bette Davis Eyes.” Aside from a slightly over-accentuated kick drum, the first minute sounds like a big room prog track that any superstar DJ might drop in their set. Then, the vocals come in and you realize its a girly ’80s pop cover in disguise. Romanian pop stars Radio Killer created this saccharine, sweet confection with the vocal assistance of Lee Heart. Are these raw vocals full of emotional power? Well, of course not, it’s a europop song from Romania where autotune is as prevalent as oxygen. Is it a fun take on Jermaine Stewart’s ’80s classic… Of course it is. Each remix channels a different big name remixer – Afrojack (Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels), Avicii (Ton Dyson), Prok Fitch (Jeff Rock), Zedd (Fuzzy Hair & Massimo Santucci), and Otto Knows (Frankox). Overall a fun set of mixes seemingly made for Sunday Funday!

Image Courtesy of Wormland Music.

SONG OF THE DAY: Danny Dove ft Susie Ledge – “Goodbye”

There’s quickly becoming a huge catalog of progressive/stadium house tracks that all sound pretty much the same – as if the labels told every producer to copy that last one by Avicii/Swedish House Mafia. Thankfully, there are tracks like “Goodbye” that avoid devolving to the just-add-cheese formula. Danny Dove’s progressive house track is anthemic and pretty with sweeping pads, a squelchy synth hook, and an uplifting energy that comes from grooves rather than banging beats.? Singer/songwriter Susie Ledge adds her emotional blue-eyed soul to the somber lyrics, elevating the track even further.? DJs requiring a more aggressive mix will reach for the?Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels take which toughens the track up, teasing with a retro-ish trance pop hook before exploding into progressive electro beats.? Fans of the big vocal records of Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz should definitely hunt this one down.

Image Courtesy of Wormland Black.