SONG OF THE DAY: Danny Dove ft Susie Ledge – “Goodbye”

There’s quickly becoming a huge catalog of progressive/stadium house tracks that all sound pretty much the same – as if the labels told every producer to copy that last one by Avicii/Swedish House Mafia. Thankfully, there are tracks like “Goodbye” that avoid devolving to the just-add-cheese formula. Danny Dove’s progressive house track is anthemic and pretty with sweeping pads, a squelchy synth hook, and an uplifting energy that comes from grooves rather than banging beats.? Singer/songwriter Susie Ledge adds her emotional blue-eyed soul to the somber lyrics, elevating the track even further.? DJs requiring a more aggressive mix will reach for the?Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels take which toughens the track up, teasing with a retro-ish trance pop hook before exploding into progressive electro beats.? Fans of the big vocal records of Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz should definitely hunt this one down.

Image Courtesy of Wormland Black.

SONG OF THE DAY: Kat Krazy ft Susie Ledge – “See the Sun (Big Time)”

There’s definitely a trend brewing of producers who are mashing disparate elements together and coming up with pop masterpieces. On his debut single “See the Sun (Big Time), Kat Krazy, known for his remixes of Coldplay ft Rihanna, Rye Rye, and Foster the People, manages to turn audio ADD into cohesive brilliance.? Elements of the track include keyboard rolls, Fatboy Slim-style big beats, horror film synths, police sirens, cartoon voice toasting, random glitches, insane builds, gunshots, dramatic drops, Enya-like vocal layering, ’90s ?trance hooks, and of course the gorgeously uplifting vocals of Miss Susie Ledge.? “See the Sun” is one of those memorable WTF records that quickly demands attention from the unending sea of mindless EDM releases each week. ?

Image Courtesy of Ministry of Sound.

SONG OF THE DAY: Kosheen – “Holding On”

When a group changes singers, sometimes it throws you for a loop. Kosheen rocketed to massive success with their debut single “Hide U” in 2000. The darkly drum and bass single showcased the haunting voice of Sian Evans and was one of many highlights of their album ‘Resist.” After a few albums of explorations into rock, trip-hop, and progressive, Kosheen are back for 2012 with a new CD ‘Independence” and a new single “Holding On.” Stepping into the lead vocal role is Susie, who is no stranger to EDM fans after her work with Bitrocka, Danny Dove, and Ben Preston. “Holding On” is a dark progressive track, reminiscent of “All In My Head” and “Catch,” yet modernized with a subtle pop feel. Some of the effects midway through their track almost feel off and are a bit challenging on first listen- but as the song develops, they develop the groove. The remixes are also a bit odd- yet fitting- with Of Norway blending tech with old school house, and dubspeeka mixing minimal and progressive. Similar in feel is the video which shows a man’s struggle with relationships and sobriety shown through discordant flashbacks. If you are looking for an updated mix of “Hide U” featuring Sian Evans on vocals, check out the Jerome Robins remix of Roger Shah & Sian Kosheen that recently came out on Armada. If you dig Susie Ledge’s gorgeous voice as much we do, watch for her upcoming single “Something for Certain” with Moussa Clarke.

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