INTERVIEW: Meital Dohan (2012)

Meital Dohan is quite the renaissance woman, acting in theater, movie and tv productions (she is probably best known for the role of Yael Hoffman on Weeds.) Venturing into the music world, she is working on her debut album, tentatively titled “I’m in Hate With Love.” Based on the first two singles, “Yummy” and “On Ya,” Meital is definitely quite playful and loves her beats. Interviewing her at the Promo Only Summer Sessions in Atlantic City, I quickly realized that the quirkiness and fun you experience in her music and videos is a true reflection of her personality.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: You are working with Rami Afuni from LMFAO, how did the two of you meet up?
Meital: We were introduced by George Robertson who also works with LMFAO, he came up with ?Im Sexy And I Know It.? We had been co-writing together so he introduced me to Rami and he basically did the official track of ?Yummy? which actually started out as ?Yummy Boyz.?

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