A dubstep musical? Yes, it could happen.? Brothers Vegard and Bard Ylvisaker make up the Norwegian variety show group known as Ylvis. On their TV show ‘I kveld med YLVIS,’ they showed this comedic take of a modern musical.? In what starts as serious story of a man questioning why he can’t find love, we see that it is his musical taste – dubstep – which stands in the way. “Someone Like Me” combines discordant bits of traditional musical theatre with aggressive/violent dubstep sequences.? The story progresses and he finds his perfect mate, wandering the streets singing a similar song. The clip is quite reminiscent of the video for Faithless/Estelle “Why Go” where two people who dance uncontrollably to their own music find each other on an escalator and live a happy life together.? It just goes to show you in this crazy world, there is a perfect match for everyone.? The added humor of Mad Men, James Blunt, and cupcake reference take it to the next level.? I can totally see “Please Just Take These F*king Flowers” as an internet meme.

Image Courtesy of I kveld med YLVIS.