SONG OF THE DAY: Tom Staar ft Chrom3 – “Faces”

Listening to a set online the other day, I heard a song that immediately caught my attention. It sounded like Seal was going back to his club roots with a lushly-produced EDM track called “Air You Breathe.” It stuck in my mind, and no matter where I looked online, I couldn’t place it. Imagine the pleasant surprise when someone told me to check out this new track on Wolfgang Gartner’s Kindergarten label and it ended up being that song. Rather than a Trevor Horn production of Seal, it ended up being Tom Staar with vocalist Chrom3 on this track called “Faces.” The dropout is what reminded me so much of classic Trevor Horn/ZTT, with full-sounding synths and meticulously gorgeous production that sounded great in the ’80s/’90s sounds even better when contrasted with the harder more electro sounds of clubland right now. Actually, the prettier part of the record overshadows the electro part so much that it feels like the track started as an ambient track and it was pumped up with electro as an afterthought. While reminiscent of Seal, Chrom3 sounds especially fresh because there is no one else singing on club records that sounds like him right now. There is raw passion in his vocal performance that elevates the song to a new level. As great as this song sounds in the clubs, I wouldn’t be surprised if an ambient version with the lush downtempo part and the full vocal popped up on a movie soundtrack or a television show in the very near future.

Image Courtesy of Kindergarten Records.

AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT 2012 (August Update)

Amsterdam Dance Event 2012 is shaping up to be probably the biggest and best edition ever. New panel information released today included a Q&A session with the legendary producer Trevor Horn by Dave Clarke. Trevor Horn, dubbed “The Man Who Invented the Eighties,” has produced everyone from the Pet Shop Boys and Frankie Goes to Hollywood to Cher, Rod Stewart and Robbie Williams. From one legend to another legend, Paul Oakenfold will present a Tracklist of My Life about his influential edm career. Other new topics recently added include ‘How to Run Your Business as an Artist – Who’s the Boss’ hosted by Francois K and what will no doubt be a controversial Media Round Table about ‘Does Music Criticism Matter in Electronic Music?’ hosted by Todd Burns (Editor in Chief of Resident Advisor.)

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