Swiss-born Italian DJ/Producer EDX released the gorgeous artist album ‘On the Edge” in the beginning of 2012, which spawned the massive vocal club hits “Falling Out of Love” and “This is Your Life.”? Yet along the way, he also released harder edge club tracks on Spinnin’ and Toolroom.? The dual nature of his releases show his complexity and mastery of music production.? Having produced dance music for more than twenty years, he has a wealth of experience to pull from and you can hear it in his epic and lush productions.? We caught up at the Winter Music Conference and had a nice chat about what’s been going on in his world.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: What is your real name?

Maurizio: My name is Maurizio Colella, I am Italian but I was born and raised in Switzerland.

RS: I have been working with a lot of Italians; I just interviewed Alex Gaudino and earlier today Nari & Milani.

Maurizio: They live in Italy and I live in Switzerland, but I travel out.
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SONG OF THE DAY: Prince Club – “The Way I Feel” / “Come Back”

Writing up recent releases “Free Ur Soul” and “Gotta Let U Go,” it seems like there is a ’90s classic house vibe bubbling up from the underground.? Look no further than Toolroom, who have scooped up the Canadian duo Prince Club, currently leading the old school garage house revival.? Close your eyes and you could be at a ball with queens voguing or getting sweaty at an underground house party.? With vocal samples, ” The Way I Feel” is a little more immediate, sounding like a classic Mark Kinchen dub with a bit of Morales in the mix.? “Come Back” sound like it could be instrumental track for a house remix of a major ’90s R&B hit – in a good way.? As classic as these tracks sound, if you listen closely you will hear the minor tweaks that the youngsters have added to give them a modern feel.? If you are feeling these tracks, be sure to check out their “Only One” EP that came out on Nervous last month as well.

Image Courtesy of Toolroom Records.

SONG OF THE DAY: EDX – “Blessed”

I would venture to say that this track has been misnamed – it sounds more “Blissed” than “Blessed.”??After releasing several singles from the phenomenal artist album? ‘On the Edge,’ Swiss producer/DJ EDX has begun releasing straightforward tracks on Toolroom.? Following up the buzz record “Touched,” EDX unleases “Blessed” a soothing and energetic track which would sound just as good in a chillout room or pool party as in a primetime progressive set (with a trance 2.0 edge). There is a marked resemblance to the remix he did for Dinka’s “Elements,” with the light and airy feel making it feel both gorgeous and epic at the same time.? With less of a stadium house feel than “Touched,” the new track has more of a classic feel, with keyboard parts reminiscent of Art of Noise’s “Moments in Love,” old school keyboard grooves, and soulful vocals seemingly sampled from a classic house record.? The song has such a mellow yet pumping groove that it wouldn’t surprise me to hear it played poolside often this week at Winter Music Conference.

Image Courtesy of Toolroom.