SONG OF THE DAY: Gala – The Beautiful

This is one of those collaborations that seem so random that it could either result in brilliance or madness. Europop legend Gala (“Freed From Desire”/”Let a Boy Cry”), whom we last heard on “Taste of Me” teamed up with house legend Todd Terry for the quirky yet delightful “The Beautiful.” The lyrics question the pursuit of material wealth and fame when inner beauty and resolve is much more valuable. Gala’s distinctive voice sounds better than ever with her trademark melodic talk/sing. Todd Terry shows the newcomers how to update the classic (and even his own) house sound with modern elements for a truly fresh vibe. Putting the two together is definitely brilliant. Loge21 remixes the track with a Chromeo vibe while the Hoxton Whores go big room with bouncy house- with the original vibe intact. The video is delightfully subversive, with Gala being bound yet clearly in control at the same time perfectly echoing the true meaning of the lyrics.

Image Courtesy of InHouse Records.

SONG OF THE DAY: Gala – “Taste Of Me”

When you’ve got a signature, it’s best to stick with it. I can pretty much write the same review I did of Gala’s last single “Lose Yourself in Me” for her new single “Taste of Me.” As in “the song has all of the elements of classic Gala ? that unique, tough-but-sweet voice, intelligent lyrics written above the level of most dance pop, and a catchy, repeated chorus hook.” That’s not to say the two songs are overly similar – they aren’t – but they are both high-quality dance pop. What strikes me this time around is how fans of the recent work of fellow ’90s europop singer Robyn should be obsessed with Gala as well. While they wait for new material for from the blonde Swede, they can catch a similar vibe of “Call Your Girlfriend” both in lyrical (figuratively marking their romantic territory) and visual (single take video with intense choreography) content. One major improvement from the last single is the highly impressive roster of remixers who ALL turn in strong takes – Starkillers, Hoxton Whores, Bimbo Jones, and Almighty. Each crew hit a different sound, making it perfect for just about any club DJ to work into their primetime sets. Yes, I am obviously a Gala fan and after you listen to “Taste of Me,” I bet you will be also.

Image courtesy of Matriarchy records.

Gala – “Taste of Me”


Swiss-born Italian DJ/Producer EDX released the gorgeous artist album ‘On the Edge” in the beginning of 2012, which spawned the massive vocal club hits “Falling Out of Love” and “This is Your Life.”? Yet along the way, he also released harder edge club tracks on Spinnin’ and Toolroom.? The dual nature of his releases show his complexity and mastery of music production.? Having produced dance music for more than twenty years, he has a wealth of experience to pull from and you can hear it in his epic and lush productions.? We caught up at the Winter Music Conference and had a nice chat about what’s been going on in his world.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: What is your real name?

Maurizio: My name is Maurizio Colella, I am Italian but I was born and raised in Switzerland.

RS: I have been working with a lot of Italians; I just interviewed Alex Gaudino and earlier today Nari & Milani.

Maurizio: They live in Italy and I live in Switzerland, but I travel out.
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