SONG OF THE DAY: Prince Club – “The Way I Feel” / “Come Back”

Writing up recent releases “Free Ur Soul” and “Gotta Let U Go,” it seems like there is a ’90s classic house vibe bubbling up from the underground.? Look no further than Toolroom, who have scooped up the Canadian duo Prince Club, currently leading the old school garage house revival.? Close your eyes and you could be at a ball with queens voguing or getting sweaty at an underground house party.? With vocal samples, ” The Way I Feel” is a little more immediate, sounding like a classic Mark Kinchen dub with a bit of Morales in the mix.? “Come Back” sound like it could be instrumental track for a house remix of a major ’90s R&B hit – in a good way.? As classic as these tracks sound, if you listen closely you will hear the minor tweaks that the youngsters have added to give them a modern feel.? If you are feeling these tracks, be sure to check out their “Only One” EP that came out on Nervous last month as well.

Image Courtesy of Toolroom Records.