SONG OF THE DAY: Koishii & Hush ft Kate Louise Smith – “Miles Away”

No, it’s not Canadian appreciation week – it just happens that both Koishii & Hush and The Angry Kids released strong records the same week.? Well Koishii & Hush is only half Canadian (with the other British).? “Miles Away” changes course from the big beat-influenced “I’ll Be There,” melding synth and trance pop for a melodic and surprisingly groovy feel.? If Kate’s voice sounds familiar, tranceheads will clock her from her work with Matt Darey and Signum. Her voice is a bit forlorn but not completely mournful, there is a touch of optimism in her journey (again similar to yesterday’s “We Could Be Lions”). While most DJs will reach for the remixes by Coast 2 Coast (a bit trancier), Touchstone (a bit harder), or Rick Scott & Ryan Bradbury (a bit more Hi-NRG), the leftfield approach of Harmonic Agenda taking it down to a shuffling groove with stuttering effects is one of the most creative remixes I’ve heard recently (though maybe not that club-friendly).?Fans of the poppier Armada releases should definitely check out “Miles Away.”

Image Courtesy of Grammaton Recordings / Koishii & Hush.

SONG OF THE DAY: The Angry Kids – “We Could Be Lions”

My favorite songs from the Angry Kids so far have been their male vocal records with a somber feel, like “Wouldn’t It Be Good” (an updated version of the ’80s cult classic by Nik Kershaw) and “Annie Taylor” (EDM collaboration with The Lives of Famous Men).? So when I heard “We Could Be Lions,” it kind of took me by surprise.? My immediate reference for production style were the?’90s New Order offshoot bands Revenge and Electronic – both synthpop that had a bit of self-deprecation and, yes, a bit of a somber tone.? It is definitely 2013-sounding, but the vibe and some of the instrumentation is definitely inspired by the ’90s. Yet the female vocals and lyrics are optimistic and uplifting, contrasting the darker tone of the music.? The singer isn’t credited, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was fellow Canadian Kreesha Turner or even Mutya from the original Sugababes lineup.? While not a primetime club floorfiller, “We Could Be Lions” would sound great on radio but even better as the soundtrack for the pivotal scene of a teen coming-of-age movie.?

Image Courtesy of Warner.