SONG OF THE DAY: Koishii & Hush ft Kate Louise Smith – “Miles Away”

No, it’s not Canadian appreciation week – it just happens that both Koishii & Hush and The Angry Kids released strong records the same week.? Well Koishii & Hush is only half Canadian (with the other British).? “Miles Away” changes course from the big beat-influenced “I’ll Be There,” melding synth and trance pop for a melodic and surprisingly groovy feel.? If Kate’s voice sounds familiar, tranceheads will clock her from her work with Matt Darey and Signum. Her voice is a bit forlorn but not completely mournful, there is a touch of optimism in her journey (again similar to yesterday’s “We Could Be Lions”). While most DJs will reach for the remixes by Coast 2 Coast (a bit trancier), Touchstone (a bit harder), or Rick Scott & Ryan Bradbury (a bit more Hi-NRG), the leftfield approach of Harmonic Agenda taking it down to a shuffling groove with stuttering effects is one of the most creative remixes I’ve heard recently (though maybe not that club-friendly).?Fans of the poppier Armada releases should definitely check out “Miles Away.”

Image Courtesy of Grammaton Recordings / Koishii & Hush.