SONG OF THE DAY: Kat Krazy ft Susie Ledge – “See the Sun (Big Time)”

There’s definitely a trend brewing of producers who are mashing disparate elements together and coming up with pop masterpieces. On his debut single “See the Sun (Big Time), Kat Krazy, known for his remixes of Coldplay ft Rihanna, Rye Rye, and Foster the People, manages to turn audio ADD into cohesive brilliance.? Elements of the track include keyboard rolls, Fatboy Slim-style big beats, horror film synths, police sirens, cartoon voice toasting, random glitches, insane builds, gunshots, dramatic drops, Enya-like vocal layering, ’90s ?trance hooks, and of course the gorgeously uplifting vocals of Miss Susie Ledge.? “See the Sun” is one of those memorable WTF records that quickly demands attention from the unending sea of mindless EDM releases each week. ?

Image Courtesy of Ministry of Sound.