INTERVIEW: Korr-A (2013)

Korr-a is one to watch.??Her recent single ?Fiyacraka? was supported by Hardwell and made a huge splash on the Billboard Club Chart.???Her performances are explosive, as she blends intense choreography with live vocals.??Coming up next, she has a new single for the holidays, a modern update of ?Deck the Halls,? and a playful club anthem ?Fuck Me Like You Mean It.???We performed together recently at Roscoe?s Tavern in Chicago for a Fusion Radio party and after seeing her live, I instantly pulled her manager aside to set up an interview for the site.??Expect big things from her in 2014!

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Where does the name Korr-a come from?
Korr-A: It kind of stems from my last name Korban. When I was little, everyone would call my dad Korra for short, and people started calling me little Korra. It is just symbolic in remembrance to my family and to my roots; it?s also a good way to distinguish my personal life from my stage life.

RS: With the last name Korban, I wonder are you from?
Korr-A:??I was born in Ukraine but I was brought to the States when I was three, so I don?t really consider myself?that much Ukrainian any longer.
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SONG OF THE DAY: Quintino & MOTi ft Taylr Renee – “Dynamite”

Here’s a track that lives up to its name.? “Dynamite,” the new track from rising Dutch stars Quintino & MOTi with Taylr Renee, is explosive, blending old school rave techno with electro- and a bit of raunchy fun.? The stop/start phrasing of the siren hook amplifies the energy, bringing back the vibe of Afrojack’s earliest work with the harder techno edge that is in vogue right now.? Just as Ke$ha has her trademark talk/sing sound, singer Taylr Renee is establishing her own scream/sing style, which while similar to Luciana and Kay has a distinctive edge that is uniquely her.? Recent collaborations with Sick Individuals & Axwell, Tom Swoon, and Schoolboy & James Egbert show that she is one will be hearing a lot from.? “Dynamite” is such a massive record that when a crowd hears “Boom Goes the Dynamite,” their reaction will be just that.

Image Courtesy of Spinnin.

SONG OF THE DAY: Mayra Veronica “Mama Mia” (UK Version)

Oh wow, this sounds like it’s gonna be massive! ?Back in January, Mayra Veronica released the spanish-flavored “Ay Mama Mia,” which we described as having the festive vibe of classic Miami Sound Machine songs updated with modern elements and sounding like “Get Get Down” from Paul Johnson.? After topping the Billboard Chart, the song got picked up by SyCo for UK pop release.? The new pop version is fully fleshed-out with a two new vocal toplines, both sung by Mayra. The bridge brings in the vocal line “Get Get Down,” turning it into a command to dance while paying homage to the ’90s house classic. The second line has a Luciana-like feel, with playful lines (“hot like jalape?o”), which essentially makes herself her own featuring artist. Rather than bringing in Pitbull or another guest rapper, she did it all herself. It’s not as multiple personality as say an Azealia Banks or Nicki Minaj record, but the distinctly different vocal lines take what was essentially a floor-filling dub with minimal vocals and turn it into a fully-realized pop record. In addition to the updated mixes by Dave Aude, Sick Individuals, Chocolate Puma, Robbie Rivera, and Razor N Guido, a new and aggressive mix by Genairo Nvilla blends the dirty dutch sound with tribal grooves for an energetic take just for big room European clubs. Add up the elements – ’90s house sample, spanish vibe, talk-sing vocals, a latin bombshell artist – and with the promotion power of Simon Cowell’s SyCo label, you got what could be a massive summer radio and club smash around the world.

Image Courtesy of Syco.