SONG OF THE DAY: Adassa – Backfire

After enjoying a week of BANGERS at Winter Music Conference, it’s nice to return home and hear a great vocal record with an incredibly strong set of remixes. Let me introduce to you- Adassa. Fans of Latin music already know her as the “Reggaeton Princess” and she is entering the world of dance-pop with different singles aimed different countries. While other markets are getting records featuring Flo Rida, Pitbull, and Snoop Dogg, US DJs are getting “Backfire,” a record showcasing her strong vocals (think a Latina Leona Lewis) and songwriting skills (a deep, almost confessional record where she considers sabotaging a relationship to ensure a painless breakup). The darkness of the lyrical content fits in the realm of Zedd “Stay the Night,” making a great fit for radio. Of course, DJs are all about the beats, and there is a mix for everyone – Danny Mart (a modern fusion of electro and tribal), DJ Samuel Kimko & Don Candiana (a commercial take on progressive stadium house), JC (bouncy funky house a la Crazibiza), Lucas Reyes (subtitled as tech-house, but sounds more like nu-House to me), and Simec (trap pop). All that is missing is an over-the-top Mariah Carey-ish music video featuring her working hard to get noticed and loved by her unappreciative spouse and we’ve got a major hit contender for the spring.

Image Courtesy of Kult.

adassa backfire