INTERVIEW: Korr-A (2013)

Korr-a is one to watch.??Her recent single ?Fiyacraka? was supported by Hardwell and made a huge splash on the Billboard Club Chart.???Her performances are explosive, as she blends intense choreography with live vocals.??Coming up next, she has a new single for the holidays, a modern update of ?Deck the Halls,? and a playful club anthem ?Fuck Me Like You Mean It.???We performed together recently at Roscoe?s Tavern in Chicago for a Fusion Radio party and after seeing her live, I instantly pulled her manager aside to set up an interview for the site.??Expect big things from her in 2014!

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Where does the name Korr-a come from?
Korr-A: It kind of stems from my last name Korban. When I was little, everyone would call my dad Korra for short, and people started calling me little Korra. It is just symbolic in remembrance to my family and to my roots; it?s also a good way to distinguish my personal life from my stage life.

RS: With the last name Korban, I wonder are you from?
Korr-A:??I was born in Ukraine but I was brought to the States when I was three, so I don?t really consider myself?that much Ukrainian any longer.
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