SONG OF THE DAY: tyDi ft Kerli – “Glow In the Dark”

Australian dj/producer tyDi and Estonian alternative pop princess Kerli make for an inspired pairing. Here, tyDi?s subtly mellow and downbeat progressive base track would stand as a great instrumental on its own and might even be possibly stronger if it were done in an acoustic style. A dropout bridge before its chorus is especially moving. Kerli’s vocals sound great and float effortlessly and convey emotion without being overdone. The lyrics are uplifting but not cheesy. When track and vocals combine, “Glow in the Dark” makes for some incredible pop music. It is definitely commercial- friendly but has enough substance that hardcore EDM heads will still like it. It may not grab you on the first listen, but given a chance you will be singing along before you know it. DJs looking for a harder electro should pick up Ryan Mendoza’s pumped up mix.

Image Courtesy of Z Entertainment.

CD REVIEW: Iiris – ‘The Magic Gift Box’

By: Ben Norman

In music, when it comes to a new artist, we always dissect them by who they sound like. We say stuff like, “If Barbra Streisand and David Bowie had a child raised by Slash, that’s what this would sound like,” and people nod and go ‘hmm,’ and the artist gets shoved into a specific categorization despite the fact that there’s very little in common between Stresand, Bowie, or Slash. And so, in my opinion, it’s a disservice to a new artist to categorize them so, and yet? it’s almost as if no one can relate to a new artist unless they can familiarize themselves by that association.
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SONG OF THE DAY: Kerli – “Zero Gravity”

Sometimes we just have to accept when an artist has made a change for good. Kerli may still be odd, may still be quirky, but she seems to have moved on from the gothic Lolita character for good. Perhaps that’s for the best, as her recent material has been super geared for the dance floor. “Zero Gravity” is her latest offering and sees the Estonian singer hitting a lot of marks with her lyrics that are similar with vocal trance, albeit in a modern and engaging mainstream format. The effect is pleasing. The beats are aggressive in “Zero Gravity”, giving it an edge for immediate dance floor consumption. But keep your eye out for Laidback Luke’s take for a dirty Dutch variant that may be more your style for your floor. Lovers of hiNRG will love gravitate towards the gorgeous Almighty remix. Kerli may not be “Walking on Air” anymore, but with “Zero Gravity”, she’s still got her head in the clouds. Enjoy.

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