REVIEW: Kerli – ‘Utopia’ EP

By: Ben Norman
It’s honestly tough to accept a drastic change sometimes. The radical shift from the dark side to the bright and happy of dance that Estonian singer Kerli has accomplished in the last couple years has been rough. Rough, but oh so rewarding. While her darker days will always be missed, being graced with beautiful and emotional dance tracks, such as her latest hit “The Lucky Ones,” is nothing to scoff at. And one of Kerli’s biggest strengths is her unique and distinctive voice. It is breathy with a strong enunciation, a sort of pronounced way of singing her words. Think of Shirley Manson from Garbage, raise her up a little bit, and then throw her over some thick beats.
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SONG OF THE DAY: Kerli – “The Lucky Ones”

Teaming up with producers SeventyEight (Jakob Hazell & Svente Halldin), Kerli has created an uplifting and emotional anthem that will lift everyone’s spirits.   Writing a song that fits the modern structure of club music while expressing a positive message is a challenge, and with “The Lucky Ones,” Kerli succeeds by encouraging everyone to embrace challenges and harness energy to improve our lives.  Melding the production styles of Swedish House Mafia and Avicii, the track sounds as great on the radio as it will in the clubs.  Forthcoming club remixes by Morgan Page, Rich Morel, tyDi (who worked with Kerli on his just released new single “Glow in the Dark”), and Hector Fonseco will expand the reach, while the original extended version will work right out of the box.  Listening to the lyrics makes me wonder what the inspiration behind the song is- regardless, the message is universal – containing something that we can all reach out for.  With two new Kerli songs in the span of a week, I would say that we are all pretty lucky.

Image Courtesy of Island/Def Jam Entertainment.