SONG OF THE DAY: Honeywell – “Expect It Back”

As we noted last week, with the focus on big room stadium and electro
tracks, there is a lack of solid diva vocal house records at the moment.
When in doubt, go back and sample one of the legendary voices. British
producer Honeywell does just this for his new single “Expect It Back,”
reviving Loleatta Holloway’s performance with GTS on “What Goes Around Comes
Around” which originally released in 2000. Focusing on the spoken parts of
the vocal, Honeywell’s production has that classic 90s tribal sound
modernized just enough to feel current. It’s a record that would fit in a
retro house night just as easily as it would in a big room set. The House of
Virus remix is more techy, but to my ears it sounds like a brilliantly
bouncy Sharp Boys remix (and coming from me is a major compliment). DJs
looking for a vocal record that brings a 2013 feel to the classic diva vibe
should “expect” a great reaction when dropping this track in their prime
time sets.

Image Courtesy of Klass Action.

SONG OF THE DAY: K-Klass ft Bobbi Depasois – “Rock the House”

Classic producers take on a house classic.? K-Klass rework one of their all time favorite house tracks, “Rock the House” by Nicole, turning it into their own take on a party anthem.? With newly-sung vocals by their vocalist of choice, Bobbi Depasois, the original mix is a respectful hands-in-the-air update keeping the classic house vibe in place and adding energetic, yet tasteful, elements of modern electro.? Sonny Warton’s remix goes deeper, while Benny Royal takes it even truer to the original with a classic house feel. For a song that lives up to the title, DJs should check out the track which truly lives up to its title.? Its refreshing to see the K-klass guys at almost twenty-five years into their career continuing to consistently produce dancefloor anthems every bit as moving as their classics.

Image Courtesy of Klass Action

INTERVIEW: K-Klass (2012)

While techno/rave was one of the first genres that inspired me to follow EDM in the 90s, it was the happy house movement from the UK that really inspired me to start DJing. As easy as the alphabet, KLM, any release from K-Klass, Loveland, or M People would instantly light up my sets. So imagine the sheer delight last year at the Amsterdam Dance Event when I had the incredible honor of meeting K-Klass, producers of the house classics “Let Me Show You” and “Rhythm is a Mystery.” They recently played the thirtieth birthday party of legendary Manchester super club The Hacienda and continue to produce quality house music for their loyal fans and DJ following.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: K-Klass started back in the late eighties correct?
K-Klass: That?s right, we got together in 1989 but didn?t release our first record until 1990, although we were very much alive and running as a production outfit.

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