SONG OF THE DAY: Honeywell – “Expect It Back”

As we noted last week, with the focus on big room stadium and electro
tracks, there is a lack of solid diva vocal house records at the moment.
When in doubt, go back and sample one of the legendary voices. British
producer Honeywell does just this for his new single “Expect It Back,”
reviving Loleatta Holloway’s performance with GTS on “What Goes Around Comes
Around” which originally released in 2000. Focusing on the spoken parts of
the vocal, Honeywell’s production has that classic 90s tribal sound
modernized just enough to feel current. It’s a record that would fit in a
retro house night just as easily as it would in a big room set. The House of
Virus remix is more techy, but to my ears it sounds like a brilliantly
bouncy Sharp Boys remix (and coming from me is a major compliment). DJs
looking for a vocal record that brings a 2013 feel to the classic diva vibe
should “expect” a great reaction when dropping this track in their prime
time sets.

Image Courtesy of Klass Action.