SONG OF THE DAY: K-Klass ft Bobbi Depasois – “Rock the House”

Classic producers take on a house classic.? K-Klass rework one of their all time favorite house tracks, “Rock the House” by Nicole, turning it into their own take on a party anthem.? With newly-sung vocals by their vocalist of choice, Bobbi Depasois, the original mix is a respectful hands-in-the-air update keeping the classic house vibe in place and adding energetic, yet tasteful, elements of modern electro.? Sonny Warton’s remix goes deeper, while Benny Royal takes it even truer to the original with a classic house feel. For a song that lives up to the title, DJs should check out the track which truly lives up to its title.? Its refreshing to see the K-klass guys at almost twenty-five years into their career continuing to consistently produce dancefloor anthems every bit as moving as their classics.

Image Courtesy of Klass Action