SONG OF THE DAY: Jenevieve X – “Scared”

It’s sad to realize that even though dance and house music originated in the United States, the majority of what becomes successful comes from the UK and Europe.? Filtering through a lot of US independent releases, you can kind of see why the 1 in 10 theory holds true – for every ten songs you listen to, there is one worth playing.? Well, “Scared” is definitely one worth listening to.? Darkly emotional, Jenevieve X’s song is almost a modern day dance version of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” both in lyrical content and vocal performance. The personal song tells of her current relationship and how she is afraid of what’s about to happen. It could easily connect with teenagers (along with adults), and with the current wave of EDM love on pop radio, this rhythmic track would be a great fit. The synth pop feel of the original is elevated in the Alus Nova remix, sounding like it was produced by Anything Box, except in 2013.?

Image Courtesy of Monitor Sound.