SONG OF THE DAY: Lee Dagger & Inaya Day – Shelter Me

Unexpected.? When you see Inaya Day’s name on a record, the first though is full-on diva singing, wailing, and screaming. “Shelter Me” is a much softer and prettier side of Inaya; you can definitely tell it is her singing but it is unlike most of her big house records.? The collaboration with Lee Dagger is in the current big room EDM style – pretty synth dropouts for vocals with banging electro beats for the festival kids. The contrast of soft and hard works rather well. For club consumption, there is a large set of remixes of various styles (house, electro, dubstep, nu-house, festival, progressive) from Alex Preston, Bimbo Jones, DDei & Estate, Funky Junction (with Ariano Kina & Marco Bruzzano), Killerpunkers, Giuseppe D, Looney B & Clemens Brock, M-Series, Soneec, and Wawa – so just about any kind of club DJ can find something that fits their set.??

Image Courtesy of Radikal.

SONG OF THE DAY: Brian Cid ft RES – On the Radio

Last week, I was having a heated discussion with a few dance music nerds about what we thought was the best remix Giuseppe D ever made.? While they were trying to convince me it was Whitney Houston “I Look to You,” M People “Testify,” or Taborah “I Am,” and my longtime editor/media prophet friend swore the gospel of “Silent Lucidity” by Queensryche and “Stranded” by Lutricia McNeil, I refused to even consider any track other than RES “They Say Vision.”? The Philadephia-born soul singer brought rock and torch elements to her music that made her emotionally-powerful songs stand out.? Combined with a stomping tribal house production from Giuseppe D, the anthemic “They Say Vision” celebrated individuality and was a clubland stable. Imagine my delight to find her new cover version of Donna Summer’s classic “On the Radio” with deep house master Brian Cid.? The production is sexy tropical house, not too fast, but perfect for a summertime beach party or for lounging by the pool.? With the chill groove, RES is free to reinterpret the song with true emotions, adding pauses and emphasis on different phrases.? While the idea of improving a legendary Donna Summer masterpiece may seem heretical, RES’s interpretation is unique enough to make it a signature song and memorable enough to add to DJs’ playlists (and your MP3 player).

Image Courtesy of Extinct records.
Brian Cid ft RES – On the Radio

SONG OF THE DAY: Jenevieve X – “Scared”

It’s sad to realize that even though dance and house music originated in the United States, the majority of what becomes successful comes from the UK and Europe.? Filtering through a lot of US independent releases, you can kind of see why the 1 in 10 theory holds true – for every ten songs you listen to, there is one worth playing.? Well, “Scared” is definitely one worth listening to.? Darkly emotional, Jenevieve X’s song is almost a modern day dance version of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” both in lyrical content and vocal performance. The personal song tells of her current relationship and how she is afraid of what’s about to happen. It could easily connect with teenagers (along with adults), and with the current wave of EDM love on pop radio, this rhythmic track would be a great fit. The synth pop feel of the original is elevated in the Alus Nova remix, sounding like it was produced by Anything Box, except in 2013.?

Image Courtesy of Monitor Sound.