SONG OF THE DAY:? Funkerman – “Push’em Up”

As I was listening to Fedde Le Grand’s “Rockin and Rollin” yesterday, I was wondering what his partner in crime Funkerman was up to.? From the sound of his new imprint Can You Feel It records, it sounds like Funkerman is morphing into Discoman (and not just because of the “I Feel Love” cover playing on his Festival YouTube preview). ?We’re not talking retread ’70s disco, but a modern update at a groovy tempo with acidic lines and catchy vocal hooks.? There is a sparse, funky feel that will suck you in and it’s not too fast (or trying to hard). ?If you like “Push ’em Up,” be sure to check out his recent “Paradise/Dashboardlight” track as well.

Image Courtesy of Can You Feel It Recordings.

SONG OF THE DAY: Fedde Le Grand – “Rockin’ and Rollin'”

A festival monster with classic DNA… Energetic Dutchman Fedde Le Grand continues his exploration of rock and Daft Punk-ish influences from “Raw,” with the accurately titled “Rockin’ N Rollin’.” Starting off with a vibe not dissimilar to Freemasons recent “Bring It Back,” vocal samples crescendo into a full-on rock-edged shuffling beat. It’s intense, aggressive-yet-still-accessible, almost like dBerrie’s “Zenith” or Tristan Garner’s “Machine Gun” made for the masses. The vocals are effected to an extreme before the drop-down leads to a swirling synth line with the feel of Abba’s “Voulez-vous” pumped with testosterone. The massive staccato and stuttered build-up will drive any floor wild. Originally deployed at Ultra, the track will no doubt be a festival favorite all summer. The only question is which rapper will be called on for the topline, I imagine someone like Busta Rhymes would have the perfect flow.

Image Courtesy of Flamingo.

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Nikki Williams – “Glowing (Remixes)”

Ask and ye shall receive.?? About two months ago, I wrote up “Glowing” as an enchanting europop song with electro beats and asked for remixes. Well, remixes by Cazzette, Danny Verde, and Fedde Le Grand surfaced and were heard all over Miami during the Winter Music Conference.? Avicii proteges Cazzette go the stadium house route, adding in some unique ’90s trance-influenced synths.? Danny Verde fuses modern tribal beats and progressive keyboards for a big room monster that will work on dance floors everywhere.? Fedde Le Grand mimics the duality of the original (pretty and hard) with euphoric, angelic energy, balance with grinding electro passages.? It’s a strong remix package that will help get Nikki Williams club play to boost the buzz from her internet buzz videoclip “Kill Fuck Marry.”? Speaking of which, remixes by Bob Sinclar and Adrian Lux of “KFM” have surfaced as well, and while they aren’t the most dancefloor-friendly, both are great interpretations of the quirky, fun love song.

Image Courtesy of Island/Def Jam.