SONG OF THE DAY:? dBerrie – “Zenith”

I’ve never been a big fan of rock music, but this current trend of bringing rock elements into electro is quite sickening.? First spotted last year with the Sharkjumper tracks (which will hopefully get released one day) and covered last week in Tristan Garner’s “Machine Gun,’? the frenetic live energy of rock melds perfectly with the aggressive electro which is dominating big rooms.? Native New Yorker dBerrie (great name) harnesses the two and adds distorted noises to the drop-out that have an eerie, almost operatic feel to them.? There is a really fresh feel to this track with everything from the complicated bass loop (with the added beats) perfectly engineered to shake things up. If this is the “new funk” sound referenced in the male vocal bit, then bring on more of it.? Getting released in mid-March, listen for this track to be dropped by the big guys all over the Winter Music Conference.

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Image courtesy of Flamingo.