SONG OF THE DAY: Bob Sinclar – Le Manege

Here’s a quite wonderful mashup of styles cohesively fused into a unique club track. Starting with what sounds like the xylophones from the Bewitched TV show theme song and a hook not dissimilar to Tim Deluxe’s “It Just Won’t Do,” you really have no idea what to expect. Then the vocals start – Edith Piaf, France’s greatest star and national Diva, is sampled singing “Mon Man?ge ? Moi.” The lyrics about a lover being a merry-go-round making her head dizzy couldn’t be a better description for a wonderfully wild night of clubbing. This leads up to the well-used sample “Everybody Put Your Hands In The Air” and the electro-tribal big room energy kicks things up further. What makes this track so memorable is how Bob Sinclar is able to meld all these varied elements together for a truly magical club anthem. This song is so special and different that it could go as viral as Yolanda Be Cool’s “We No Speak Americano.” The video is labelled as ‘Paris By Night,’ the title of his album released last year – but this song isn’t on there. If this is the first track from a sequel album, then we’ve found a great party soundtrack for Summer 2014.

Image Courtesy of Bob Sinclar Facebook.

SONG OF THE DAY: Francesco Rossi – “Paper Aeroplane”

Looking up information about Italian DJ/producer Francesco Rossi is a bit of a challenge as he shares the name with two famous footballer goalkeepers.? What isn’t a challenge is embracing the warmth of his new single “Paper Aeroplane.”? A summer record that is perfect for tropical vacations, the record fuses deep house, world music, and a touch of jazz with an accessible pop feel. Imagine one of the ‘Western Dream’-era Bob Sinclar records (like “Love Generation” or “World Hold On”) with a vocalist that sounds like James Blunt (instead of Steve Edwards/Gary Pine) and you got an idea of the sound.? As big as progressive, electro, and stadium tracks are at the moment, it’s really refreshing to see big guys like Afrojack, David Guetta and Tiesto supporting this subtle, yet intoxicating deep house monster.? With Pete Tong dubbing it Essential New Tune this past weekend, watch for even wider (and well-deserved) support to make this a big summer favorite.

Image Courtesy of?Energy/D:Vision.

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Nikki Williams – “Glowing (Remixes)”

Ask and ye shall receive.?? About two months ago, I wrote up “Glowing” as an enchanting europop song with electro beats and asked for remixes. Well, remixes by Cazzette, Danny Verde, and Fedde Le Grand surfaced and were heard all over Miami during the Winter Music Conference.? Avicii proteges Cazzette go the stadium house route, adding in some unique ’90s trance-influenced synths.? Danny Verde fuses modern tribal beats and progressive keyboards for a big room monster that will work on dance floors everywhere.? Fedde Le Grand mimics the duality of the original (pretty and hard) with euphoric, angelic energy, balance with grinding electro passages.? It’s a strong remix package that will help get Nikki Williams club play to boost the buzz from her internet buzz videoclip “Kill Fuck Marry.”? Speaking of which, remixes by Bob Sinclar and Adrian Lux of “KFM” have surfaced as well, and while they aren’t the most dancefloor-friendly, both are great interpretations of the quirky, fun love song.

Image Courtesy of Island/Def Jam.