SONG OF THE DAY: Freemasons – “Bring It Back”

2013 is going to be a big year for the Freemasons. Starting the year, “Tears,” their stadium-housed take on “Purple Rain”- featuring vocals by inimitable Katherine Ellis, created huge buzz on Soundcloud. Next up was their epic mix of Depeche Mode’s “Heaven” which is already storming the clubs. Out now is their first official release, “Bring It Back,” an updated take on the classic Freemasons sound – big room happy house with elements of “Da Funk”-era Daft Punk hooks, uplifting keyboard lines, and wildly-effected vocals. The brilliantly-executed drop-out, leading to a massive speed-up, had me flashing back to old school rave days when the DJ would drop “Thousand” by Moby and watch the candy kids try to keep up with it. Speaking of kids, the stop-motion video made by the duo featuring Legos, action figures, studio gear, and post-it notes coming to life is beyond brilliant. Along with “Butter’s Theme,” the video proves that artistic creativity trumps big budgets every time.

Image Courtesy of Freemaison.