SONG OF THE DAY: Tony Moran ft Debby Holiday – “I Like You”

Dance covers can often slip into cliche, but when done well they can be quite special. Phyllis Nelson topped the club chart in 1985 with “I Like You,” a true club anthem still heard to this day in gay clubs around the world. Singer Debby Holiday pays respect to the original, staying faithful to the harmonies, but injecting her unique flavor into the performance. Debby is one of those rare singers who has the vocal power of a rocker and the soul of a legendary diva. Whether live or on a remix, you know it is her singing. Listening to the plethora of remixes spanning the various tribal subgenres, the dramatic and pretty breakdown of Twisted Dee’s Anthem is quite memorable- as is the bouncy vibe of Phil B & Andy Allder’s housified take.

Image courtesy of House of Sugar Music.