SONG OF THE DAY: Kryoman and Carlo Astuti – “Tarantella”

If the title “Tarantella” doesn’t ring a bell, as soon as you hear the hook you will recognize it.? The Tarantella is a classic Italian folk dance that’s been used many times over the years in everything from movie soundtracks to commercials. Recently, Italian producer Chicco Secci did a dreamy take back in 2010.? On the opposite side of the spectrum,? hardcore party rocker Kryoman and Carlo Astuti amp up the energy and take it full-on hard electro, sounding like a cross between R3hab and Martin Garrix.? There is definitely a novelty feel to this track and it will most likely end up being featured on the next edition of Dance Dance Revolution or WiiFit.?e.

Image Courtesy of Manufactured Music.

Kryoman and Carlo Astuti – “Tarantella”