SONG OF THE DAY: Mayra Veronica – Mama Yo

From the ’50s to the ’30s, Mayra Veronica has found a niche and is brilliantly updating iconic music with current styles. As the face for ’50s pinup model Bettie Page’s fashion line, she topped the chart last year with “Mama Mia,” a Latin-flavored jam that started as a club dub and became a pop hit thanks to a topline co-written by Luciana and a sexy video that went viral. For “Mama Yo,” she channels Carmen Miranda and updates her 1939 movie classic “Mam?e Eu Quero” by teaming with ’30s swing revivalists Sweet Life Society and again with Miss Luciana. The results are playful and funky with a modern swing vibe not dissimilar to what Yolanda Be Cool did with “Americano” a few years back. So it comes as little surprise that Mayra reached out to the funky Aussie for a remix and the result is just as fun as the original. The effects and pumped-up energy make “Mama Yo” transcend the swing-house genre to become an instantly memorable pop/dance record that could cross over to mainstream radio all over the world, just like “Americano” did. Don’t worry DJs, if swing isn’t your thing, there are also aggressive electro mixes by the Dutch brothers Ruben and Jente Bootsman, better known as the Boots Men. The bang it out in the traditional Dirty Dutch style while keeping enough of the vocals in place so you know its Mayra in the mix. As Major Lazer says in his track “Buma Ye,” “Watch out for this!”

Image Courtesy of Blanco y Negro.