SONG OF THE DAY: John Dahlback ft Agnes – “Life (Diamonds in the Dark)”

Who knew multiple personalities could be so much fun? Swedish producer John Dahlback manages to bounce effortlessly between epic banging tracks (“The Trip”) and gorgeous big room vocals (“Every Breath”). Back in vocal mode, he enlists fellow Swede Agnes to sing his new single “Life (Diamonds in the Dark).” You could easily describe it as the female version of “Don’t You Worry Child” – anthemic stadium house with the big breakdown building up with a dramatic handclap and electro crescendoing to a hands-in-the-air climax.? While still sounding polished and perfect, Agnes’ voice has a passionate rasp to it that adds emotion and passion to the chorus that is repeated for emphasis.? The remixes take the track in a more electro direction, with added touches of stadium (Feenixpawl), glitch (Lazy Rich), and speed garage bassline (Lunde Bros) while managing to keep the vocals completely intact.? One minor quibble on the track is the seemingly uneven mixdown of the original, with Agnes unfortunately buried during the middle section.? Even with that in mind, “Life” is another wonderful release from Dahlback, keeping us anxiously to hear what his next release will sound like.

Image Courtesy of Big Beat

SONG OF THE DAY: Cahill & Kimberley Locke – “Feel the Love”

verse and chorus sung by a truly talented singer. In the mold of “When Love Takes Over” by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland and “Love’s Got a Hold On Me” by Frenchie Davis,? “Feel the Love” is an emotional and uplifting dance record with a pop feel and enough edge to command attention on a commercial dance floor.? The song is full of energy without resorting to aggressive electro or cliched old school NRG (not that there is anything wrong with either extreme). Cahill’s production is near perfection, not a surprise considering their consistent track record as remixers, with a real depth of transitions as the song progresses.? Kimberley Locke is an amazing vocalist, as anyone who has seen her perform live can attest to, and in the hands of Cahill she expresses both power and beauty with a truly multilayered performance.? It doesn’t hurt that the song is fully-realized and well-written with a universal message.? Just as Cahill tends to work on multiple singles by artists (Agnes, Cascada, Nicole Scherzinger), let’s hope this is just the first of many collaborations by these two gifted entities.

Image Courtesy of 3 Beat.